5 Ways to Interpret Your Dreams and Change Your Life With Oprah's Dream Board

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Oprah and team have an uncanny knack of knowing what we need even before we know we need it. Take the newly released O Dream Board: Envision Your Best Life free software. You can download free software and build a virtual vision board right on your very own computer!  Not only that, but once complete you can send the whole thing to print at your local Walgreens.  That Oprah, she is good!  

Dream Board 101  

Here are the basics of a dream board. To begin, put pictures words or other embellishments on a poster board or paper that represent things you want in life. When you're finished, display the board where you can see it every day.  Then, depending on your perspective, either through the magic of manifesting a la The Secret or the practicality of focus you will begin to see your vision come to life.  It's fun and creative and at the very least will make you smile when you look at it.  

How to Use a Dream Board to Work with Your Night Time Dreams  

Step 1:  Notice all the symbols in your dream that stand out to you in some way. Place pictures representing those symbols on the board and label them with a word that captures the essence of the symbol for you.  

Example: Pictures of a red car labeled 'Freedom", clouds labeled "refreshing rain', your mother labeled 'rules"  

Step 2:  Then identify a color or colors that best represent the emotion of the dream. Put it on the board and label it with the emotion it represents. It is OK if you have more than one emotion/color combination in the dream.  

Example: Color red labeled 'excitement" or 'danger"  

Step 3:  Ask yourself, "If this dream were asking me a question, what would that question be?"  This may take some guessing or poking around until you find a question that seems to fit. Put this question at the bottom of the vision board.  

Example: "Why are you hanging onto old 'rules' that limit your options and freedom?" or "Why are you ignoring your own well being and making dangerous choices?"  

Step 4:  Be honest and look deeply to identify the answer to the question.  Write the answer at the top of the vision board.  

Example: "I am choosing to limit my freedom to make other people happy." or "I am choosing to behave dangerously because I want to make a statement to others that they can't control me"  

Step 5:  Write down 3 action steps in the left hand margin of the board that better support your goals.   

1. I will have an open discussion with X about my need to make some time for myself.

2. I will set aside 1 hour a week to pursue my interest in writing.

3. I will make healthy choices based on what is right for me.  

Using these 5 steps, you will be on your way to making positive changes in your life and learning to decode your own personal dream language. Way to go, dreamer!

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5 Ways to Interpret Your Dreams and Change Your Life With Oprah's Dream Board

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This article was published on 2010/03/30