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Ryno Mounting Board (Rhino Mounting Board)

Rhino Board, also known as Ryno Board, is the toughest Mounting Board available. Rhino Mounting Board is 1/4" thick and is known for it's super heavy duty structure. Rhyno Board is great when used where flat surfaces and extra strength is required, such as being used without easels or in a crowded space. Available in black or white.

Heat Activated Ryno Board:

Heat Activated Ryno Mounting Board (also known as HAM Board) makes mounting posters simple using your heated roll laminator. Mount Boards feature a specially formulated adhesive that assures consistency and even bonding to your print. This one-step procedure saves time and money by eliminating the tissue adhesive application in the mounting process. Ryno Board is the toughest, and thickest, Heat Activated Board available. Ryno Mounting Board is known for it's extremely heavy duty and sturdy build, making it perfect for use where a flat surface with extra strength is required. It is also a popular choice among those participating at conventions and trade shows where there is a possibility of heavy handling in a crowded space. Heat Activated Ryno Mounting Board is 1/4" thick.

Ryno Board Pouch Boards:

Rhino Board Pouch Boards are perfect for mounting large fine art media, limited edition posters, photo prints, and more. Pouch board is constructed from heat-activated foam board with a film laminate hinged to the top of each board to form a pouch. You can mount and laminate in a single step, by sliding a print between the board and film, then feeding it through a heated pouch laminator. This method is quick, simple, and requires no training. Each board has a high-quality professional bond and rich finish.

Rhino Board Pouch Board is a 1/4" heavy-duty foam board with double-thick surface liners and high-density foam. Rhino Board is much more resistant to denting and warping than standard foam board, and even gatorfoam gator board. The combination of high density foam centers and double thick surface liners produce rugged foam boards with exceptional compressive strength and superior dimensional stability. The double-thick, bright white surface liners contribute to the overall strength and durability of Ryno Board. The pH neutral surface contains UV inhibitors to reduce yellowing. The liners resist moisture absorption, which enhances the overall warp resistance. White Ryno boards provide a flat surface for screen printing, with excellent ink hold out characteristics.

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All About Ryno Board

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This article was published on 2010/09/29