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Board shorts are the quintessential swim trunk style for anyone who is serious about surfing. They look cool, feel comfortable, are sturdy enough to stand up to the active surfing lifestyle, and are long enough to protect your legs from rubbing on the surfboard. However, have you ever wondered about the history of board shorts and how they came to be in fashion?

The Sixties

Surfing really grew into a hugely popular pastime in the 1960s, as competitions began to grow in popularity and more people than ever took it up as a hobby. The beach surfer dude look suddenly shot into fashion, with pop icons such as the Beach Boys making the laid back lifestyle famous with their groovy summer tunes. The very first board shorts actually came from the old fashioned swimming costumes of the 30s and 40s, with long legs, a lace up fly at the front, and thick seams and buttons. Unfortunately, these early board shorts were not made of the right material and they would not dry quickly, making them very heavy and uncomfortable on the beach. Also, they tended to ride up and rub the upper legs while surfing.

The Seventies

In an attempt to improve on the first model of board shorts, two Australian surfer dudes named John Law and Alan Green designed a pair of shorts in 1970 with a different polyester material that was lightweight, dried quickly and didnt chafe. These new style board shorts became incredibly popular, and the Australian duo went on to found one of the biggest surf wear companies in the world, Quicksilver.

The Eighties

Surfing is still a popular sport, and board shorts are being worn in the outrageous neon colours that were so popular in this decade. Clashing pinks and greens and wild prints are seen on many beaches. Many new surf wear companies have sprung up around the world, and Quicksilver is still going strong.

The Nineties

Nineties style started to see board shorts worn as everyday attire, not just by serious surfers. In fact, some board shorts wearers in the 90s had never even seen the ocean. The style was just so comfortable and cool looking that it appealed to all. Bright colours and patterns are still popular of course, with Hawaiian prints seeing resurgence.

The Noughties

Quicksilver is still one of the largest retailers, but it has now been joined by so many others, including Billabong, Hurley, Ripcurl and more. With the advent of new technology in fabric, board shorts are now more comfortable and functional than ever. The new materials are even more lightweight, long-lasting, and are proven to prevent chafing. Who knows what the future of board shorts might bring, and how the technology of the next decade might be applied to surf wear?
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This article was published on 2011/04/04