The Skinny on the Miniature Skateboard

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To get the skinny on the mini, it is a good idea to know there are two different types of a miniature skateboard. One is actually for standard use and the other is called a finger deck. Get an understanding of what both are.

Finger Board Decks

This version of tiny board became a craze from about the minute they were introduced to the world of toys. For many, it was the perfect way to stay connected to the skateboard hobby when not outside or at a skate park on a normal sized board. For others, it is just a fun, small toy. Really well done mini boards come equipped, though, with everything a full size deck would have. This includes a deck, trucks, wheels, design and grip tape.

The appeal of these is also as collectible items. Since they are cheaper than a standard sized skateboard, you can afford to have an extensive collection of finger boards. So, mini "riders" can also pull off tricks like the full sized skaters can. Tricks like ollies, nosegrinds and kickflips. The art of finger board skating can be taken pretty seriously, with all the tricks you can learn. Not to mention, you can also get a finger-sized skateboard park. There are some manufacturers who make a skate park with ramps, bowls, rails, steps and other details one would find at a life sized skate park.

You can even build your own or order one custom made with the graphics you want. Also, if you search online you can find videos for tricks to learn and how to make your own miniature skateboard. There are plenty of well known and high quality brands that make both full sized boards and the mini boards.

Mini Decks for Skaters

These "life sized" skateboards are miniature compared to the standard size board and especially compared to long boards. For this reason, they are also often referred to as short boards. They have been in development since around the same time that the sport of skating became a mainstream sensation. A standard deck size rages around and in between 30-32 inches in length.

It is possible to get mini skateboards that duplicate the "old school" originals, or with more modern enhancements. That means, for example, you can get a short board with kick tails at both ends for kick flip tricks. The reason these boards are popular is for several reasons. It is a popular choice for college students who need a quick, easy ride to class with an easy to carry mode of transportation. Anyone who needs to get around areas, like on city street sidewalks, that have a lot of people or tight spaces could benefit from one of these boards. And, they are easy to carry. So, whether you want a finger board or a short board, a miniature skateboard may be just right for you. 

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The Skinny on the Miniature Skateboard

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This article was published on 2011/06/27