Three Great Whiteboards For Your Conference Room

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Every conference room can benefit from having a high-quality whiteboard. Whiteboards, or dry erase boards as they're sometimes called, can really come in handy during meetings and brainstorming sessions because they allow you to communicate with your audience. There's a glut of these boards on the market which makes choosing the right one challenging, so this article will let you know about three great ones you should consider getting for your conference room. They're from great manufacturers, including Quartet and Ghent. Here they are...

1.) Quartet Prestige Plus Euro Style Whiteboard. If you're looking for the best name in dry erase boards, Quartet is it. They make a variety of boards including the Prestige Plus. It has a high-quality titanium frame and the board itself is made from first-rate DuraMax Porcelain. The surface won't dent nor can it be scratched, and it's magnetic so you can hang up important documents. This product is easy to clean, it won't ghost, and it comes with a marker tray and an assortment of dry erase markers. The Prestige Plus is available in various sizes including 8' x 4' for larger conference rooms and 3 x 2' for smaller spaces.

2.) Ghent Image Trim Markerboard. Another great brand name to look for is Ghent. Their Image Trim boards have aluminum frames that are available in two finishes: gray granite and black marble. They'll look great in any environment and they come in several different sizes ranging from 4'x 6' to 4' x 12'. The Image Trim's surface is made from magnetic porcelain and it's resistant to staining and scratches. These products are backed by a 50-year performance guarantee so you'll be able to use this product for a good long time.

3.) Balt Best-Rite Dura-Safe Markerboard. The Dura-Safe would be a great choice if you need a whiteboard for your conference room. This board has a magnetic surface that's made from high-quality porcelain. The attached marker storage tray is encased in colorfast, fire-resistant silicone for your safety. The trays are available in several different colors including black, royal blue, and burgundy so you can choose one that will complement your conference room's color scheme. Each Dura-Safe board comes with a map rail that's 1" high so you can hang items up for reference and a variety of sizes are available up to 4' x 12'.

Finally, all of these boards are affordably priced so you'll be able to get a high-quality whiteboard for not a lot of money. As for which one you should choose, go with the one that feels comfortable to use and that is within your price range so you'll feel like you made the right choice.

It's essential to have a good whiteboard in your conference room. If you purchase one of these boards, you'll find that your meetings will go more smoothly and that you'll be able to communicate better with your colleagues. So get one of these boards (and some dry erase markers and erasers) so you can start communicating today!
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Three Great Whiteboards For Your Conference Room

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This article was published on 2010/10/11