Use a Dream Board Or a Vision Board to Manifest Everything You Want

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Visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can use to create the life of your dreams. It is through constantly putting images in our mind that we are able to cheat our subconscious, making it feel as if we are already living -and enjoying- our dreams. It will in turn help us identify or create opportunities we hadn't seen before. This is where a good old-fashioned Dream Board comes in handy.

But, what is a Dream Board or a Vision Board anyway?

Simply put, a Vision Board is a visual representation of our desires. It helps us stay focused on our dreams and know why it is we started doing everything in the first place. Hanging your Dream Board on a wall that you frequently walk by -at least twice a day- keeps reminding you of your dreams and what you wish to achieve. It constantly puts positive thoughts in our mind and keeps us from procrastinating our own well being!

Your Dream Board must contain images of what you want

Take some time to think what it is you want to come to you in the future, and start searching in your photographs, magazines, printed images you find online that represent these wishes, etc.

Write down phrases that inspire you, that represent your wish. You can also draw your dream if you so desire.

Write down motivational phrases like "I can achieve anything I want", or "Manifesting my Desires is easy for Me".

Now place a picture of you or you with your family right at the center of a poster board and start gluing your selected pictures around this image, trying to categorize your images (Travel, Family, Gadgets, Charity, Education, etc.). Leave a space in your board for each category. It doesn't matter if one category uses up more space than the others, as long as you have at least one picture for every category.

When you are finished, hang it on a wall you walk by at least twice a day. This will help you stay focused and will eliminate negative thoughts that can prevent you from actually manifesting everything in your board.

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Use a Dream Board Or a Vision Board to Manifest Everything You Want

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This article was published on 2010/03/31