Vital Steps To Help You Make An Effective Vision Board

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In simple terms, a vision board is a collection of pictures, images or statements that affirm an individual's desires and dreams. Other people like to refer to it as a vision map or dream board. Whatever you decide to call it, it serves the same basic function.

These boards became more popular in the personal development field about two decades ago. Since then, they have been a great way to illustrate people's hopes and dreams in a graphical way. They also increase your likelihood of getting what you wish for in life.

The basics of a vision board

If you have watched mind movies, you know the basics of a vision board. Making your own board is the easiest part. You simply get a poster board, a couple of magazines, glue and a pair of scissors.

Then start to cut pictures and images that represent the kind of future you want and start to glue them to your board. If you want to make your own board more attractive, you can visit your local store, go to the scrap-book section and pick out some cool stickers, colored paper and other materials.

Going beyond the basics

Many people agree that creating the vision board is the easiest part but living up to it takes much effort. What these types of boards fail to do is take into account the social aspect of the envisioning process.

If you allow your brain to run the show so to speak, you will end up with a highly decorated vision board but one that lacks emotion and real purpose. The only thing such a board will attract is dust on the shelf. You can give your vision board meaning and purpose by following a few vital tips.

Some ideas to make your board more effective

If you want your own board to have some real meaning, you should also make an anti-vision board. This board should contain things that literally make your stomach crawl when you look at it. It contains all the things, images and pictures of what you do not want to be in the future.

When you are creating your vision board, you should consider going to a magazine store to get your images and not use those lying around your home. You should feel through the entire process instead of thinking. Your life will not always be as your brain imagines it.


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Vital Steps To Help You Make An Effective Vision Board

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Vital Steps To Help You Make An Effective Vision Board

This article was published on 2013/06/06